Strееt Аrt Mаgic – Thе 20 Bеst Strееt Аrt Pаintings ЕVЕR.

Strееt Аrt is mоrе pоpulаr thаn еvеr & Strееt Аrtists аrе bеcоming much mоrе crеаtivе. Instеаd оf pоintlеss vаndаlizing thеsе imprеssivе wоrks rеаlly cаptivаtе yоu & bеcоming thе nеw trеnd. Thеsе 20 Strееt Аrt piеcеs аrе rеаlly еxcеptiоnаl bеcаusе thеy еstаblish а cоnnеctiоn with thеir еnvirоnmеnt. It’s incrеdiblе thаt thе

Sploshing! The Newest Fetish That Involves Her Butt!

Best in Her Birthday Suit! The connection between food and sex has been documented, explored and even exploited for centuries. Everything from the Romans intermingling food orgies with sex orgies to certain foods acting as aphrodisiacs to Hollywood’s iconic food fetish scene in the film 9 1/2 Weeks. So it shouldn’t come

23 Perfectly Timed Pictures That Are Too Amazing To Be Real

23 Perfectly Timed Pictures That Are Too Amazing To Be RealOnce in a while there are moments missed by human eye and captured amazingly in camera. These moments deserve a good look. Born Realist has compiled some pictures that are too good to be real.If having a camera makes you

Flick And Run

The video is about graffiti on subways, but also about what is happening around it. We all know that every detail and every participant is important in this activity. The director of the video devoted himself entirely to this cause, playing a key role in almost every action.

Street Art Mural in North Hollywood

  Street Art Mural in North Hollywood by KIPTOE Graffiti and street art are often viewed as an eye sore, although graffiti art can make you smile. From clever graffiti design incorporating graffiti writing and ironic plays on words, here are a number of pieces of graffiti art that will make you