Where To Find Denver’s Best Street Art

Have you noticed the increase in street art in downtown Denver? It seems every bar and restaurant in the city is opening up their walls to talented artists to make their buildings into works of art. I will add to this post as I come across new murals. Do you have

I Painted 92 Walls In 2017

Hey there. 2017 was a great year! I had the intention to paint at least 56 walls this year but we are already @ 92 and there are still 3 to come but these three will be painted in 2018, Your page will be the first one te have the


Students in Bend and Wear will learn neon tube bending basics while exploring wild methods of display. Students will learn to pattern, bend, and create wearable neon to become walking, performative, light sculptures that will be exhibited in the streets, in a mobile installation through New York City. Participants will

20 women who prove that Walmart in U.S. It’s more fun than Disneyland.

Many men dislike accompanying their partners to buy the warrant, as they consider it a 100% activity for women; However, for that very reason, they should attend all the markets and grocery stores in their community, as they are full of beautiful women who feel confident in doing their shopping. We